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Although many of our guests are well acquainted with our great summer climate here at Windcliff, the splendors of our mountain community can be enjoyed throughout the year.  Although traditionally tourism in the Estes Valley declines sharply after September, there are still plenty of activities throughout the rest of the year for those longing for another taste of the Rocky Mountains.  Outdoor activities, such as hiking, golf, tennis, and mini-golf are available throughout the year.  Also, wildlife sightings continue to be abundant all year long.  In addition, many of the shops and restaurants operate on a limited schedule throughout the year.  Finally, the town of Estes itself offers community events during every month and season.  A complete schedule is available here and here.

We encourage our guests to come and stay with us during these off-season months.  With the exception of Thanksgiving and Christmas, our rates are considerably lower during this time period, and the decrease in tourism means fewer crowds and less traffic in the Estes Park area. 

Fall Season:  Most of our staff here at Windcliff agree that the fall season is one of the best times to be in the Estes Valley area.  The beautiful aspen tree leaves begin turning gold during the last week or so of August, and soon afterwards the unmistakable sound of elk bugling can be heard.  The skies are usually crystal-clear blue, the evenings crisp, and usually by the middle of October Windcliff enjoys its first snow.  Daytime highs are usually in the 60s and 70s, with evening lows dropping down around the freezing mark.  Most of the shops and restaurants in Estes are still operating at summer hours, and activities such as hiking, fishing, golf, tennis, and the like are still available.  Special events during this time of year include the Scottish Highlands festival and the Elk Fest.  

Aspen Trees near Buser Park    Aspen Trees on the South End    Aspen Trees near Mid Mt.

Winter Season:  Thanks to Windcliff's location on the eastern side of the Continental Divide, our winters are typically dry and mild.  As we are fond of saying, Estes Park enjoys over 300 days of sunshine each year, which is the same total as Phoenix, Arizona.  January and February in particular are usually very sunny and dry, with daytime highs averaging just short of 50 degrees. However, Rocky Mountain National Park is only a short drive away, and features enough snow for sledding, cross-country skiing, and snow-shoeing throughout the winter months.  Special events during this time of year include the Christmas Parade and the Annual Frost Giant 5k and 10k Races.

Livingston/Deering in the Snow                Alleman South in the Snow        A Snowy Winter's Morning

Spring Season:
By March, winter is already beginning to fade from our mountain community.  Temperatures are very pleasant at this time of year, and although snow storms are common during the months of March and April, the snow never lasts for more than a day or so before being replaced by crystal-clear blue skies and sufficient sunlight to melt most of the snowfall.  This time of year provides the best of both the winter and spring seasons, as winter activities are still available at higher elevations, while at Windcliff and the surrounding valley the days are mild enough to enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, horseback riding, and outdoor sports.  Wildlife sightings are also common, and both the elk and deer are shedding their winter coats as well as their antlers in preparation for summer.  Daytime highs during this time of year are back in the upper 50s and 60s.  Special events during this time of year include the Estes Park Duckfest and the Jazz Festival.

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